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About us

Soho Sweets & Coffee House is a family owned business that has been producing the finest quality Asian Sweets and Savoury products since 1974. Soho Sweet Centre as it was originally known started its journey from humble beginnings based at 165 Soho Road, Handsworth, Birmingham.  The family have continued to pride itself on its quality, service and reputation and during its 45 year journey have been labelled by its customers as the ‘Sweet and Savoury Connoisseurs’.

Soho Sweets success is built on using only the finest ingredients combined with customer focused service.  Soho Sweets has continued to value the feedback of its customers and in 2018 embarked on an epic journey going through a major re-branding and transformation program which has sent ‘shockwaves’ throughout the industry. 

Soho Sweets & Coffee House are proud to announce the opening of their iconic flagship branch in the heart of Walsall.  This state of the art building creates the experience, the enjoyment and atmosphere which allows its customers to unwind, relax and enjoy the true taste of products from around the globe. You will get a homely feel with free guest Wi-Fi for all its customers whilst eating-in.  Whether it’s a family get together, a party or a meeting, then Soho Sweets is the place for you.     

Soho Sweets is a brand which is recognised across the world and it now supplies its authentic products to some of the finest restaurants and takeaways across the UK and abroad, namely to prestige clients in France, Holland, Ireland and Germany.  

Soho Sweets attention to detail ensures that all products reach our customers in perfect condition.  Soho Sweets can assure you that high standards of quality control, food standards and consistency in all its sweets and savouries form part of its service to you.

Our commitment, dedication and continuing efforts to bring the authentic taste of the Eastern delicacies to the UK, has been our primary focus and goal which has been accomplished.

Soho Sweets success is built on using only the finest ingredients combined with outstanding customer service.

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